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Experience serenity over your data with cloud computing technology

Poshitban’s Cloud storage
Poshtiban is a collection of tools and software that allows you to store and maintain your personal files and data with ease. Poshitban is both your personal portable hard drive and safe, fast and unlimited download host at the same time. No matter if you are a giant firm or a normal standalone user, we will provide you our data management and maintenance solutions with highest quality.
What is Poshtiban?
Cloud computing, Safer and cheaper
Your data will always be accessible and secure thanks to Poshtiban’s unique cloud computing technology and architecture. If you are a business owner or normal network user, do not hesitate to leave your data and files to Poshtiban.
ذخیره سازی ابری برای حرفه ای ها

Powerful and Simple


Flexible Storage Capacity


Reasonable Pricing

6315  customers
5128  TB
served data
17  m
Downloads per day

Why poshtiban?

Innovation Hosting Solutions

WordPress plugin

FTP file transfer

Custom domain setup

Fast direct link

Online video browsing

Free file upload

Our plans

Pay as you go Partition
  • Domain Setup
  • Partition $1/mo
  • Storage: $0.02/GB/mo
  • Outbound transfer: $0.01/GB