Terms and policies

[vc_row][vc_column][tm_spacer size=”lg:65″][vc_column_text]Signing up in poshtiban.com means that the user have accepted the terms of using Poshtiban’s services.

Poshtiban reserves the right to change customers and services terms and conditions at any needed time.

Poshtiban will have to let its users know about any change in terms and policies using the communications tools declared by user as soon as possible.

Changes in terms and policies will not affect the core concept of storing user files and in case of major changes in policies, Poshtiban is bounded to give the files to its users without any change in them in order to transfer them anywhere else they deem right.

Poshtiban keeps all the rights to use its users name and title in Poshtiban.com for advertisement purposes.


Definition of Poshtiban and its services

Poshtiban is a permanent solution for storing, sharing, viewing and processing files.

Poshtiban uses the latest technologies for its network architecture and privacy and security of your files. These technologies are applied in file storage as well as file sharing and file transfer among servers and guarantees your security.

Poshtiban provides some other side services for file view and process in user networks and the price for these services will be set based on the given service level to particular user.

Poshtiban services is accessible to all in World Wide Web and poshtiban.com and poshtiban.io and their subsequent subdomains are the only ways to get access to our services.

Each user uses our resources and services differently and the amount of this usage will be available to them for review which will reflect in the final service cost for each user.

At this very moment, Poshtiban is in Beta version …. And some of our services might be free for the users because the payment scheme is not yet confirmed for business but in case of changes in these schemes, user will have o pay in order to continue using those services. If such cost would be applicable in the upcoming versions then Poshtiban will provide proper announcements and let the users know about these new changes.


Poshtiban is committed to act fully transparent. All announcements will be done using weblog, Email etc.


Keeping the password secure and standard is tone of the direct duties of users and  Poshtiban is not responsible for weak passwords.

Right now we use your e-mail for registration, sending OTP and service reminders and no advertisement and other uses will be applied on your email  from our side.

Poshtiban is committed to maintain user’s privacy and keep their files and data away from any third party access.

Poshtiban has no tight to keep the data more than agreed time span or processing and mining user’s data on its servers.

Service and resource usage, Login and logout and data sharing rate among the users with other IP’s will be stored in users dashboard as a log and can be accessible by user at any time.

In case any of services needs personal identification from user (both Natural and Juridical person) then it will be announces in our terms and conditions page.


Data storage policies in Poshtiban

Poshtiban will not allow any processing, Virus scan or even sneak peek on your data and files and user will be responsible for the nature of his/her data. We will proceed for such these actions only if we receive a misuse report or a legal request but we will keep true to our privacy policies.

User files and data will be considered gone only if the user deletes them and Postbank has no right to delete them or limit the user’s access to them.

Poshtiban keeps all rights to limit access or even delete the files that are in direct conflict with countries laws. In case an official warrant issues to restrict public sharing of specific files, the same scenario will take place.

After the file deleted by user, it may remain in Poshtiban servers based on our policies but your file will be treated as a deleted file and recovery will be impossible in any conditions.

Poshtiban is one of the most secure and trustworthy methods to store your files because of our cloud architecture so you won’t need to take backup from your files in poshtiban. Poshtiban holds the right to block user’s access in cases such as natural disasters, war, sanctions and international laws and misuse of files by users.


Features and services

Features and services offered on Poshtiban includes free services and paid services.

The most obvious and basic service is the free partition that you receive when registering your account with us. This free partition will be created for you with specific size and Poshtiban will never reduce the storage size declared at the beginning.

This free partition is designed and provided for you to get yourself familiar with our services and if you want to use our services for your business purpose then you must buy one of our business partitions alongside your required services.

The files and data which you keep on your partitions are considered as permanent files and will never delete without your consent.

At the moment, there is no difference between free partition and paid ones in terms of service level.

You won’t be able to create dedicated subdomain on free partition and if you are using direct link and file sharing or Poshtiban plugin with your free partition ten your files will be published on poshtiban.io subdomain. (March 6th, 2019)

In future, we may discontinue some of our services for free partition and limit their access to paid partitions only.

All services and features in poshtiban have time or size limit except free partition which is permanent and this time or size is measurable and the log is accessible by user. Users will get notification prior reaching these limits and then they will have the option to extend their contract or extract their files but in any case, proper notification will be sent to user.

If you need to sign official contract with Poshtiban, then please call our support team before buying any service from us. In case you don’t do such action then the only contract between you and us will be countries laws and regulations and Cybercrime regulation and no other contract will be signed with you.

Our features and services are all based on Islamic republic of Iran’s laws and regulations.

If users break any laws within countries regulations, especially in case of Cybercrimes and Ecommerce laws as for articles 62, 64, 74 and 75 (related to ownership rights for artists, software developers etc.) then Poshtiban has all the right to take immediate action.

Key Partners

Poshtiban is willing to work with key partners in order to provide better services. You can use services via API and plugins developed by our partners to improve Poshtiban’s Services but it is on your own risk because we take no responsibility on updating these plugins and API for our users.

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